Artistic process

As far as I remember, I have always had a mental block with my artistic process redaction. My creative drive is very instinctive, emotional and intellectual. Even now, we still do not quite understand the source of the creative process, of intuition, emotions and how they work. So, how to explain, concisely, where my ideas come from? Despite my university degree in visual arts (Montreal), my collective and solo exhibitions (Montreal and the Laurentians), I am still not used to this practice, unfortunately.

Visual arts are a very particular field: itu2019s probably the only form of art where people could have a very fruitful and great professional career without any technical knowledge. Indeed, dancers, photographers, musicians, actors, architectes and martial artists (yes, they are, in my view, real artists) need to consistently hone their technique, specific to their activity sector, if they want to stand out among other professionnals in their field. Subsequently, they master so well the rules of their own profession that they transform their hard work into arts, they lift our senses to the highest level and, sometimes, even transcend the laws of physics. So, when a text has to be written to make the work of a visual artist understood and approved, I cannot help but think that the artistic process is nothing more but smoke and mirrors.

However, what I can say is that it is fundamental for me to have fun, as well as to learn and evolve throughout my artistic work. The precious people around me are my best sources of inspiration. I love to sketch and paint them stories and landscapes, invent intriguing characters and scenes that will stimulate their own imagination and emotions. If, by any chance, I succeed, for a moment, to make them forget their anxiety, their bad experiences or elevate their good mood, well, I will be able to state that I fullfilled my mission. I hope that you will enjoy your visit on my website.

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